My Transformation
I have been a fan of your blog for a long time and I love your photos. Your pussy and body are mature and sooo sexy! It makes my heart glad that you have embraced it, so many men find you incredibly sexy! I just wish I could get my wife to consider letting loose .... she is fairly loose naturally. She can take four fingers to the knuckle easily, though I don't tell her its four, lol. She's too busy cumming by then! Just know you have fans who appreciate your beauty! Never, never feel embarassed!

Thank you very much.

Do u have any form off messenger or line/touch where i can privately message and maybe even get some pics off your sexy pussy

Yes send me your yahoo messenger

I love your blog


Both your body and your vagina are beautiful :) girls have tight pussies, but women have large ones. Keep up the great work! On a side note, what's the largest toy you've ever fit in there?

Thank you, toy would be 10” dildo, object would be shampoo bottle

As a lover of loose pussy I must say your work is excellent. On another note, my girlfriend and I are looking to stretch her vagina, any suggestions?

Patients and diligence. You can pm for more info.

What is the biggest thing you have put in your pussy

Shampoo bottle

forget the haters luv u scissor u any time

;) thank you

Have you ever done a toy and a dick in your pretty pussy at the same time

Yes many time

How did your pussy get so big and loose? Can you feel anything?

Well first I am naturally somewhat more liberally endowed. I first really started realizing it in my late teens to early twenties.
Secondly I have delivered 3 children which took its toll especially the last which was breached. Resulting in a tear and permanent damage to the left vaginal wall muscle. ( pretty notable droop in my pictures. )
I was increasingly more ashamed and embarrassed over time until I met someone that taught me to embrace it.
For the last 5-6 years I have been enjoying pushing myself and expanding my limits.

Yes I can still feel, not in the same way as when I was younger persay . I love feeling full, I love feeling empty, and as always direct clitoral stimulation is a plus !